General FAQ’s

Q. Why should I choose server4sale amongst many resellers?
There could be many reasons, infact every one analyze and assess according to their needs/requirements.
According to the feedback from our clients which is the base for them to choose server4sale are:
Real Time 24/7 Ticketing Support
30 Minutes Guaranteed Support Response Time
Competitive prices
Initial Server Hardening
Free Easy Managed Support for all servers.
24/7 Level 3 Tech support
24/7 pre-sale team to assist you.
Swift billing and sales support
Pro-active monitoring
Free Add-ons (like cpanel APPS and Cpanel XP etc)
Multiple Point of contacts from data center
Friendly and co-operative support

Q. Why should I buy servers from server4sale instead of Data center?
It’s in the greatest interest of the client to buy server from server4sale because server4sale provides:
Low and competitive prices
Recognized, different level of technical support with level 3 techs around the clock.
Multiple Point of contacts from data centers.
Moreover, Server4sale has designed different server packages according to the needs and requirements of the client.

Q. How can I contact server4sale?
You are always welcome to contact us at any time.


Live chat is also available through

Q. Being a reseller, server4sale is reselling for which Data centers?

Q. How long have you been in the web hosting business to serve the industry and clients?

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
Server4sale accepts Pay pal, e-bullion, Credit Cards (Visa & Master card) with that bank transfers and e-gold is acceptable as well.

Q. Where can I view AUP/TOS/SLA of server4sale?

Q. How do you provide support?
We have E-mail based ticketing system and network of experienced and trained techs in different continents that cater the queries around the clock to ensure 24/7 support. With that we also provide live chat support 24/7.

Q. Do you provide money back guarantee?
No, we do not. But all servers are provided on month-to-month basis

Q. Can I upgrade my servers whenever I wish?
Yes it is possible to upgrade the server specs according to your need/requirements but it all depends on the availability, feasibility and possibility of the requested specs.

Q. Can I run my own DNS?
Yes, you can.

Q. How is Bandwidth measured?
Bandwidth usage is measured from samples taken at the switch. We would provide you bandwidth usage graphs on your request instantly. It’s the amount of data that is transferred to or from the website or server. We would provide you bandwidth usage graphs on your request instantly

Q. What is the uptime?
The average uptime is 99.95%.

Q. Do you offer web designing and development services?
Yes. Server4sale offers web development services that vary from simple websites to the most complex database-driven dynamic websites for our diversified clients. Since the inception of server4sale, our web development department has excelled in E-commerce websites, portals, dating service websites, Content Management systems websites, fully customized (Dynamic/static) websites and customizing scripts.

For more information, please contact at:

Q. When will I get billed?
Our billing system is based on month-to-month. Charges of services have been prorated to the 1st of every month. A part of your payment has been applied and the rest has been added to credit which will be applied to your next month invoice.

Q. How do I cancel my server?
Cancellation of server with server4sale can be done through
Please make sure that you submit cancellation request at least three days before your next billing date to avoid being charged for the following month.

Q. How long does it take to setup my server?
Usually, all the servers are provisioned installed and setup within 72 hours after payment confirmation (for non-rapid deploy servers). Although depending on the configuration of the server and the current work load, the deployment may take longer.

Q. Which control panel’s support does server4sale offer?
Server4sale provides support for servers with cpanel, DirectAdmin and plesk control panels.

Q. How long usually does it take to respond to a ticket?
Server4sale ensures 30 minutes guaranteed response time to every ticket 24/7/365. However, we give highest priority (911) in case of server/network down. On average, our response time is not more than 15 minutes.

Q. If i buy server from server4sale instead of Data center then who will provide support to my server?
Indeed, if you buy server from server4sale instead of Data center then server4sale will provide support according to your management plan. For a reboot or other hardware or server issues, you have to submit ticket to server4sale support and they will promptly cater your all queries. In case when there is a need of communication with data center then server4sale will do it on client’s behalf.

Q. How do i ask for custom partitions or any option which is unavailable in the order form?
If the option or custom partitions you have asked will be feasible and possible for us then yes, we will glad to accomplish it accordingly. For that you can request in the Comments field of the online order form.

Q. What management plans do you offer for us?
Server4sale offers different management plans which are designed to fulfill the needs and requirements of diversified clients.
Please visit:

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Q. Where is Softlayer Data Center situated?
SoftLayer datacenter is a tier one datacenter located inside INFOMART telecom hotel near downtown Dallas, Texas, US.

Q. Who provides bandwidth to softlayer?
These are the bandwidth provider to softlayer: Internap, SAVVIS, Verio, AboveNet and Global Crossing.

Q. Can I have a ping test on softLayer network?
You can test IP:

Q. Can I have a test file to download?
10 MB test file can be downloaded from:
100 MB test file can be downloaded from:

Q. How do you allocate 8 IP’s which comes with the server and can i buy additional IP’s?
Softlayer provides 8 IPs for each server, 5 are usable for client and 3 are used to set up your Private VLAN. Yes, you can order additional IP’s.
Q. Does Softlayer allow adult contents on their network?

Yes, softlayer allows legal adult content that must follow the AUP of LT and legislation of US.

Q. Does SoftLayer allow hosting IRC Services?
Yes, but only for amongst private parties not for public IRC networks or servers.

Q. Does SoftLayer allows Internet P2P software?
Yes, SoftLayer allows the use of Internet peer-to-peer software only for file sharing purposes.